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I watched Digimon Tri yesterday, the 2nd part of the series, and ever since I've had my brain fixated on Digimon, and for some reason King Arthur of Camelot. So I'm beginning a Digimon Story that takes place between 3 worlds. The Real World, The Digital World, and an Online Virtual Reality MMORPG Avalon. Avalon is a game developed by Digitale a world leading group in video gaming and technology. Avalon runs on a mega server capable of hosting millions of players at a time from all across the world. Avalon is (very)loosely based on the Arthurian legends. Players of Avalon use special Pods to Digitize their bodies and minds to put themselves into the world of Avalon, with their bodies safely stored on the sever while their Mind is in control of their in game avatar as if it were their real body. 2 months after the globally successful launch of Avalon, "Bugs" begin to appear in the game, changing things. One of these "Bugs" infects an npc of the game, advancing the npc's AI to self awareness and giving her a Digi Core. Not long after becoming free of her Programming, she ends up being transported out of her game, and straight into the Digital World. In the Digital World, the npc's Digi Core transforms her into one of the worlds native creatures, a Digimon, a Black Gatomon to be exact. Her Digi Core stores her original forms data, which she later learns how to use to return to her original form. This NPC is the main character of the story, and she has to figure out her place in the world, as a Human, a Game Character, and as a Digimon.
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United States
Going to be 22 here in September o.o Oh Noes! lol well as many of you can
probably tell, I'm a better Writer then I am a Drawer x3 I GOT TO WORK ON THAT! xD Cuz the truth is, I love to draw. Problem is I suck at the one thing I gotta do. Practicing. xD I am lazy by nature, so that don't help me, that's another thing I need Fixing xD

I've rediscovered my raw ability to draw.... with pencil and paper xD Turns out, I'm actually pretty good with pencil and paper xD :3 lol reason I suck with my tablet is simple. I aint looking at my hands when I draw on a tablet! I need a tablet with a screen and BAMF! My Digital art will soar x3 Till the day I have one of those, I'll draw on paper and then digitize it and color it that ways :3

Current Residence: I live in the country sized state of Alaska, at it's golden heart. Aka Fairbanks. Not much to do here, not since my favorite game store up and left!!!! >o> It was the only one within a 20 minute walking distance too >o> now if I wanna buy a game or talk to gamers about games, that aren't online, I gotta go all the way across town! x3 Oh wells.

Favorite genre of music: I like pretty much any kind of music, I just don't like the kind were every other word is fuck or shit ect... That mostly consists of Rap. Hehe cRap. (only rap song I like, is Pinkie Pies lol)

Favorite style of art: For me, I like to draw both Anime and Sonic style art (MLP too nows :3). And you can also see that by looking through my Fave's to get a sense of the stuff I like :D

Operating System: windows 8. It aint the best thing in the world, but I enjoy it :3

MP3 player of choice: My laptop of course would be Number 1. Number 2 is my cellphone.

Shell of choice: Tiny spiky spiraly ones :3

Wallpaper of choice: The kinds that make me feel good, evil, badass :3

Favorite cartoon or anime character: Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Ash, Pikachu, Alucard, Seras, the Mane Six.... to many

Personal Quote: Nope~

Favorite place to eat: MAYFLOWER BUFFET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite mythological creature: Vampire's, Dragons, werewolves, and PONIES!:D

Favorite time of day: NIGHT! I have pale skin, and I BURN in the sun :3 plus I'm more active at night :3

Favorite pass time: Laughing my ass off at funny things xD

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